Freshers Week: The Essentials

Freshers week is upon us and that means it’s time to start grabbing those last minute essentials… and we’re talking essentials, essentials, not just booze and a lifetime supply of pot noodles!

We know there is a lot to think about before heading off to university and it’s easy to forget those key items you rely on mum and dad to have in the house! So, check out these essentials available to grab on Click and Collect! No need to laze around at home waiting for your parcels…there will be plenty of time for that once university starts!

Duvet set 

It’s time to let go of the Groovy chick and spiderman bed spreads and get yourself some grown-up sheets! Be sure to check out Wilko’s homeware section for quality designs at a reasonable price! Top Tip: Buy more than one…drying sheets in student accommodation isn’t always easy, plus, breakfast, lunch, dinner and last nights make-up are bound to create a few stains!

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 16.33.33
Wilko, £12

Cook Book

Only just mastered beans on toast and those tricky scrambled eggs? Don’t be the butt of the joke and get ahead with Lakeland’s cooking for 1 or 2. This cookbook has over 50 easy to make recipes with those all needed hints and tips! Cooking for yourself at uni can be one of the downfalls, so make this a perfect excuse to grab your new roommate and make a dish for two!

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 16.28.34
Lakeland Cooking, £5.97


I know what you’re thinking … PJs? I’ve got loads of those! However, pyjamas that you feel comfortable in are a must-have. Meeting new people in your 2013 summer club t-shirt that’s just that little bit too tight can make you just that little bit more nervous. Feel relaxed and confident in Marks & Spencers comfy floral PJ bottoms, perfect for sleeping and for lounging in your new home!

Screen Shot 2015-09-09 at 16.20.08
Rosie by Marks and Spencer, £19.50

For the gentlemen we love these Marks & Spencer cotton checked PJ bottoms!

Marks and Spencer, £19.50
Marks and Spencer, £19.50

Memory Stick

Probably the most essential item to take to uni…no one should experience the pain of loosing work hours before a deadline! Be smart and don’t rely on technology! Always have a back-up on your memory stick.  Curry’s offer great ones to C+C so you can have the right sized stick for those precious files.

Toshiba 16 GB Memory Stick, Currys £4.99
Toshiba 16 GB Memory Stick, Curry’s £4.99


Feel at home with some great speakers for your room! Cushions and fake flower ornaments might not do the job, so play some of your favourite tunes to help get you settled! Top Tip: To avoid complaints from the neighbours try to keep the speakers relatively small, you don’t need a HI-FI system to create an impact!

Bush Bluetooth Stereo Speaker, Argos £29.99
Bush Bluetooth Stereo Speaker, Argos £29.99

Have a great Freshers week and make the most of it before the hard work begins! Keep an eye out for more information on and follow us on Twitter!


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