Yoohopp Nottingham – A Shopping Dream Come True

The exciting launch of YOOHOPP in Nottingham is a refreshing change to how we shop on our local High Street. Nottingham has such an amazing, eclectic mix of stores, and with an extensive range of independent offerings there’s no better place to turn for my shopping fix!

Friends sometimes refer to me as the old soul of the group. I prefer a human interaction over an electronic one, I prefer old fashioned books with pages over e-books and I prefer the changing rooms of a boutique over an online shopping basket. Nevertheless I still have the same quibbles of shopping in town as the rest of us, like never knowing if that dress you have your eye on is in the right size or knowing where to go for that particular cushion cover. So when I heard that YOOHOPP was being launched I was in my absolute element! But wait, let me explain exactly what Yoohopp does.

Yoohopp is a website where you can browse products from different shops in Nottingham all in one place, and see national and independent shops side by side. You can compare products, prices, and fill up your basket with the best items the city has to offer. Then you can check out and arrange to collect all the products from right here in the city, meaning you are guaranteed to get everything you needed (and let’s face it, probably a couple of other things too) before you’ve even arrived. This means you’re left with more time to enjoy everything else Nottingham has to offer, and believe me, it’s a long list!

For me, to be able to combine the pleasure of shopping on the high street by keeping that personal experience but making the transaction process easier by being able to search and pay for my new goodies online is the ultimate shopping experience!

Natalie D. – Nottingham Blogger!


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