Loving the ‘accent’

The task of making your home your own can sometimes be an overwhelming one. Shabby chic or  contemporary minimalistic? Pastels or deep tones? They say that moving house is one of the most stressful situations you encounter as an adult but why see it as a chore when it can be an adventure!

Moving into my apartment was an amazing experience for me, it was the first time that I felt like an adult but I wanted to put my stamp on the place but with nothing but generic magnolia walls and a limited budget the task seemed immense until I discovered the accent colour.

I wanted to give each room a distinct feel but by no means had the means to spend a fortune on interiors so I started with the base.  The key to making accent colours work to your advantage is choosing a key tone and adding character and depth to it. In this way, even a neutral room can be completely transformed with the right accessories!

I wanted deep, rich accents in my living room/kitchen (it’s open plan) but tranquil, serene vibes in my bedroom. I decided to choose aubergine for the living quarters and duck egg blues and jade green for my sleeping quarters. Where else but Nottingham high street can I find all of this in one place?

With YOOHOPP I had already done the difficult stuff, browsing through loads of shops and brands in the homeware section to find the perfect pieces. I found tons of accessories to complement my newfound colour schemes from different stores all over the city and paid for them all easily online, then went into the city at the weekend to spend the day fluttering around collecting my shopping, joy!

Here are my top picks you’ll soon find on YOOHOPP!

Fable Riviera Throw in Duck Egg – £105 – House of Fraser


Ok, so I didn’t NEED to spend this much on a throw, but as soon as I touched it when I picked it up I knew I’d made the right choice. Beautiful and soft, perfect!

Duck Egg Manhattan Rug – £69.99 – BHS


This rug is exactly as cosy as it looks and adds a very luxurious feel to the room. IT’S SO FLUFFY!

Montgomery Aubergine ‘Vogue’ Cushion Cover – £18 – Debenhams


I thoroughly believe that the right cushions can change a room, and these are my perfect shade. Plus, they’re beautifully soft and, as you can tell from my last two items, that’s a big deal!

True Grace Curious Rose Candle – £28 – House of Fraser

true grace

Nothing screams decadence like a richly scented candle, and this not only smells like heaven but looks the part too!

The best bit about the whole shopping spree? Using Yoohopp in advance meant all my purchases were ready and waiting, so I had plenty of time to check out the new Baresca restaurant… y’know… just for some kitchen décor inspiration of course!

Natalie D. – Nottingham Blogger


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