Halloween? HALLOW-KEEN!

Ok, so I’m not exaggerating when I say Halloween is my favourite thing ever. I mean it, it’s better than Christmas, better than Easter and certainly better than Valentine’s Day. Why, I hear you ask, am I so into a holiday mainly aimed at children? Good question, here are four reasons why you too should get into the Halloween spirit!

  • Sweets

Sure, Christmas and Easter both involve a lot of chocolate but at what other time of year do you get sweets shaped like skulls? Or bats? Or eyeballs? Or Fangs? The list goes on, but safe to say that you’ll never find anything grosser but more delicious than the confectionary aisles in October!



  • Fancy Dress

There’s very few occasions as an adult to dress up, which I say is a great shame! Halloween is the perfect excuse to try out being someone else for the evening, from a childhood her to pop icons and beyond, the world is your fancy dress oyster. Personally, I like to weave a little Halloween into my everyday look too, Halloween is only once a year after all!



  • Being Scared and Being Scary

Halloween is definitely a time to expect the unexpected, and is the perfect opportunity to play a spooky prank or two on your nearest and dearest. My favourite reliable prank? A sweet bowl with a mechanical hand inside. Anything that can make a grown man scream like a teen at a Bieber concert is an investment in my book!



  • Party Time

What better excuse to hold a massive party than Halloween? While at Christmas guests expect a cosy, festive and classy affair, Halloween is a great opportunity to go overboard. Plastic bats, fake cobwebs, go tacky or go home! Just don’t forget to opt for disposable plates and cups or the clean up the next day will be the real horror.



And best of all? All the Halloween lovelies above can be bought right here on Yoohopp and collected from Nottingham at a time to suit you. This is exactly what shopping should be, a dream not a nightmare!


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