Our favourite Secret Santa gifts for under £15

It’s that time of year again. You’ve been persuaded to take part in Secret Santa by your close friends or colleagues.


If you’re stuck on what to buy, don’t panic. Whether you’ve got your boss, your best mate, annoying mate or the office newcomer, take a look at our top 10 picks below:

  1. Womens Set of 3 Breakfast Face Masks – £7.00
    We bet you didn’t know you could Click & Collect this from Topshop? These face masks come in coffee, oatmeal and yoghurt flavour. Every girl loves a pamper session so this comes highly recommended by us!
  2. M&S Mule Slippers with Thinsulate – £7.50
    It wouldn’t be Christmas if you didn’t buy someone a new pair of slippers. These cosy slippers are a great gift for him and they come at a great price too!
  3. ‘I’m the boss, I’m never wrong’ Cufflinks – £10.49
    Ok so we won’t take any blame if this gets you sacked but if you never reveal your secret santa, you might just get away with this one.
  4. Badger and Racoon Hand Warmers- £8.00
    There’s always one person who complains in the office that they’re cold…
  5. Costa On The Go Cup – £14.99
    We all know a coffee lover! This is a great gift for him or her and even comes with biscuits!!
  6. Frozen Snowflake Topper Pen -£2.00
    If you’ve got the office newcomer, add a bit of sparkle to their desk. If you’ve got a man, don’t let this stop you buying it. If anything, definitely buy it and set the rules that he has to use it to pass his probation period.
    frozen pen
  7. Ciat Tree Trinklet – £8.00
    Secret Santa gifts don’t always have to be there to embarrass friends, colleagues or family. This nail varnish says Christmas and even comes with a free bauble to add to the Christmas tree.
  8. Power Bank – £10.00
    A good gift idea for the person who can’t be without their phone and is always on the go!
  9. Black Mini Boombox – £15.00
    LOVE this. A great gift for the music-minded! Blast your Christmas carols through this. It’s cordless too which is a bonus!
  10. Blue Beer Pong Game – £6.99
    Everyone’s been talking about this game! It’s a party starter, one which might leave you feeling worse for wear afterwards, but nonetheless is good fun at the time.  (Over 18’s only, please drink responsibly)

Check out these items on YOOHOPP now, all available to collect from the featured retailers. If you want to have a look at more Secret Santa gift ideas, visit yoohopp.co.uk 


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