Christmas time, mistletoe and wine…

…and a rather large portion of click and collect please”

Christmas fills the air – a vitally important trading period for any high street, town or city centre.

I think most of us have a love-hate relationship with this time of year. I know what I want to buy people, I love giving presents, but do I really have the time (and inclination) to run in and out of every store to find it? Not on your nelly. I want to spend my precious spare time with friends and family at the theatre, eating out and not running around in unproductive circles.

I want to keep my money in the local economy too, on my high street, but will my town really have everything I am looking for? And do I have the time to risk finding out the hard way?

Already my blood pressure is rising with just the thought of the impending panic heading my way.

Solution? By it all online. Sorted.

Ah. Wait. I have a job. So what happens to the delivery parcels that go to my empty house?

Blood pressure up another notch. Did you know that:

  1. Delivery has been a key friction point in e-commerce for both retailers and consumers alike.
  2. The direct cost to retailers for failed first time alone is over £600million per year
  3. Deloitte predicts that the number of click and collect locations in Europe will reach half a million in 2015 – 20% increase on 2014
  4. Almost 3 in 4 online shoppers in the UK (73%) say they have used click-and-collect services.
  5. 95% of UK shoppers used click and collect last Christmas
  6. Retail dimensions research carried out by CACI suggests that the click and collect shopper is worth more of that visit that the non click and collect customer because they are more loyal
  7. In 2014, online shoppers spoke of their fury after it was revealed stretched couriers struggled to deal with a massive backlog of present deliveries to so many individual locations, exacerbated by the need to redeliver if people were not home.
  8. OC&C forecasts that in 2015, growth in the volume of units ordered online but collected in store will overtake that for home delivery for the first time, increasing by 53m parcels, year on year, compared with a rise of 38m parcels for home delivery.
  9. “Click and collect is the biggest growth channel potentially now, [growing] faster even than home delivery,” said Michael Jary, a partner at OC&C.
  10. For consumers, click and collect is more convenient than waiting at home for a delivery.

Perhaps, therefore, the answer is not just to buy online.

Perhaps it is to browse my high street online, buy online and then collect in-store.

  • Browsing and buying online so I have the reassurance of knowing what I want is available is very appealing.
  • Collecting in-store to suit me and my time pressures – even more so.
  • Doing all of this on one website – supporting my high street both nationals and independents? The dream ticket.
  • And finally, being able to use my spare time on a large mulled wine or two at my favourite bar with my husband?



Recently launched in 4 locations; Nottingham, Ipswich, Ilford and Southend. You can now browse, buy and collect your shopping this Christmas via one platform!  Click here to start shopping.



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