Introducing Michelle, our Ipswich Blogger!


My name is Michelle and I am originally from Cambridge, I moved to Ipswich in September to go to university. I am an undergraduate full time student at University Campus Suffolk. I am studying Psychology and Youth studies and would like to go on to work with young people.

My first impressions of ipswich were good (obviously!). I like the fact that alongside studying I have a new place to explore, although I have been in the town centre quite a lot, I have been told there are many shops I have missed out!

I enjoy online shopping because I don’t always have time to go into town and browse so sometimes before I go to bed or in the evening it is nice to be able to get my laptop out and look around the shops. I also like it because sometimes what you want isn’t always in store, so the plus side of ordering it online first and collecting it means you know you are going to get what you want, and as most of us leave busy lives whether that be with children, family, work or studies, its nice to get what you need when you need it and to have a bit of time out of the house!

Ipswich is a great town for quirky independent stores so I’ve been told. At this time of year I enjoy going into independent stores and finding cool gifts for christmas. I like giving gifts people haven’t come across before. But as you know, independent stores don’t always have websites and therefore you can only find them as you come across them.

I came across YOOHOPP and thought it was a wonderful idea. I always sit on my laptop and have millions of tabs up of different stores trying to find that one item and it takes forever, with YOOHOPP I have found it 100 times easier to type in my product and to see all the stores in Ipswich that offer it. It is also good for comparing prices! I also like different brands such as Nike, Clarins, Elizabeth Arden, Converse, and others and as I am new here I will be using YOOHOPP to find out where all the best places are to find the latest brands and trends.

Michelle 🙂


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