The Party Planning Committee’s Top Secret Santa Picks

I am a complete Christmas junkie. One of those annoying people that start singing Christmas carols in November and forcing mulled wine down friends’ throats at the first given opportunity. This has led to me being appointed as one half of our office’s Party Planning Committee. This now means that I can organise our teams secret Santa, sprinkle sparkly decorations around the office and find festive feasts for us all to indulge in. Needless to say I am in my absolute element (much to the annoyance of some of the more Scrooge-like colleagues I work with!)

Secret Santa is one of my favourite seasonal office traditions and before we’d even drawn names out of the elf hat I headed to Yoohopp to find fun treats for whichever lucky colleague I picked.

For the thrill seekers in the office I found these laser guns  from BHS for just £6.00 and are guaranteed to give hours of fun.


POW POW-Warning may decrease office productivity due to extreme fun levels.

Every office has the employee that is renowned for their indulgent side and what better gift to pamper them than this irresisti-bubble Soap and Glory set from Boots.


Just a little Sugar Crush!

What better time to treat someone’s sweet tooth than at Christmas. This delicious box of  handmade chocolates from Andersons of Nottingham is just £5.99 and this jar of strawberry sweets from Nottingham’s 2015 Independent of the year, The Treat Kitchen, is just £3.95. At those prices you may as well treat yourself to one (or three).choc


I am the clumsiest person known to man and I am forever spilling drinks and leaving crumbs all over my desk. I am also a very proud nerd and love anything Star Wars related so this amazing R2D2 Desktop hoover from Menkind would be the ideal gift for whomever has the privilege of buying my secret santa pressie (hint hint!)


Now that I’ve spent all of my time researching everyone’s gifts it leaves me with no time to decorate the office (Oops). Luckily I found this colourful substitute for a traditional Christmas tree at Marks and Spencer’s which I managed to run out and collect on my lunch break after purchasing it through Yoohopp. Just plug it and and taa-dah! – Christmas in less than 5 seconds.


Phew!! Now to organise the Christmas party! But first I think I’ve earned a few glasses of mulled wine and maybe a gingerbread cookie or two.

Natalie D. – Nottingham Blogger




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