Small Business Saturday in Ipswich


#SmallBusinessSaturday  – Saturday 5th December


The businesses may be small but the entrepreneurial spirit behind them is very definitely at the other end of the scale.


Small Businesses are what help our towns and cities stand apart from the crowd. Don’t get me wrong, I am not anti-national at all. Far from it. Shout me down all you want but I love a big brand and hope that Father Christmas remembers it. However, I also recognise the huge importance that small businesses play in giving our towns and cities their identities and points of difference.  High streets need both – nationals and independents – big and small business to survive and thrive.  


I also think it is fair to say the nationals have had a big bite of the cherry with Black Friday and Cyber Monday helping to fill their coffers – so without further ado, over to Small Business Saturday. Saturday 5th December. A great initiative from a wonderful not-for-profit team who tour the country reminding us all to support our small businesses.  Their slogan is 5 million small businesses. 1 big day. My only addition is that we should support them 365 days of the year.


Independent businesses are just that and should be applauded for it. They think for themselves, create a customer experience all of their own based on huge and powerful personalities and actually in many cases strength of character and just sheer grit and determination. These businesses are hugely important to the success of the high street.


So if it’s the little things in life that count – support your small businesses this saturday and every day. And if my husband is reading this – these independents stock some great gifts. #justsaying


Zeebra Chic
Large Heart with bird £12.00


Love One
A Christmas scented candle £28.00


Malbec Lagarde £12.50




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