Small Business Saturday in Notts

I love Nottingham. I was born here, studied here and am in love with the city as a home. One of the main characteristics that make me proud of my city is the sense of community that is felt amongst fellow Nottinghamarians (I just made that up).

Small businesses are just one of the elements that contribute to this sense of community and gives Nottingham such a unique identity. The statistic that I most like to shout about is that Nottingham has the second highest concentration of Independent shops outside of London and now with YOOHOPP it’s easier for me to shop my favourite Indie stores from the comfort of my home but then pick up my quirky new treats when it suits me. Perfect.

Small Business Saturday is about celebrating these small businesses and shouting about how awesome they are from the rooftops whilst putting those crucial pennies into the tills of the local economy. Every pound spent in the local economy is worth 400 per cent more than if spent elsewhere so everyone is a winner.

Here are just a few of my faves I’ll be popping into this Small Business Saturday.

200 Degrees Coffee

This is only logical, I mean who doesn’t love coffee. I cannot function without the stuff but ever since 200 degrees set up shop I have become a caffeine connoisseur. My thought process is I’d be popping in as my first stop into the city for my caffeine fix anyway, but after finding this beautiful coffee maker on YOOHOPP I thought I may as well pick one up so in future I won’t have to leave my house before my daily fix.

200 degrees

Pen Sense

I am guilty of leaving things to the last minute sometimes and still haven’t picked up everyone’s Christmas gifts. One of my closest friends is besotted with stationery (I think she invented the smelly pen craze in school) so this stunning fountain pen will be the perfect gift for her.



Dukki Designs 

Anyone that has ever set foot in Nottingham knows that our unofficial catchprase is ‘Aye up me duck’. Dukki designs have very cleverly designed tons of trendy homeware items that embrace the unique Nottingham lingo and culture. I love having quirky items in my home so have ordered this colourful cushion to brighten up my study for me to pick up on Saturday.

dukki 2

Now that I have paid for all of my goods in one swift payment I can pick them up Saturday morning and have time to have lunch at one of the amazing Independent cafes with a friend. Yippee!

Natalie D. Nottingham Blogger


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