Shopping at Coes this Christmas

With the festive season getting into full swing, it’s easy to let special moments pass us by while we’re dedicatedly hunting for the perfect gifts for everyone from Uncle Bob, to chatty Jane at the office.

At Coes, we believe that giving gifts your family will love should be simple. So, this year, why not let YOOHOPP take the trouble out of present shopping with their Click and Collect service? Not only does it let you shop online without the hassle of navigating a bustling town centre in sub-zero temperatures for hours on end, but it also leaves you with more time to enjoy the little things that count.

To help you on your way, we have compiled a list of things you could do with the time you’ll save by shopping online and collecting in-store…

  1. Take a Winter’s Walk
    Pull on your Hunter Boots and take a walk in the beautiful Suffolk countryside. While it’s oh so tempting to pop on the central heating and stay inside when temperatures drop, a brisk walk through crisp grass in a cosy Barbour Jacket is a lot more satisfying. Plus, there’s nothing better than getting home and slumping on the sofa after being out in the cold.



  1. Make Decorating the Tree a Family Event
    While responsibility for dressing the tree can fall on the one with the decorative flair, this year, why not get the tinsel out and the family together to make an afternoon of it? If you’ve got young children, have a go at making your own decorations, whether it be by sewing, knitting, cutting or sticking. For 2015, our Display Team made some fantastic Christmas pudding decorations for our trees using only brown baubles, white felt and sprigs of holly.
  2. Hold a Dinner Party
    Instead of making reservations at a restaurant for your annual Christmas party, why not play host to your family and friends at home? While the thought of cooking an entire three course dinner can be daunting, don’t be afraid to discuss between you who will be responsible for each course and spread the load. To make sure the drinks are flowing, we recommend a Belmont Cocktail Shaker and one of our Quai Sud Cocktail Mix to really set off the evening. If you want to go a step further, Adnams will be in-store at Coes until the 24th December so you can make sure you’re well stocked for the festive season.

    Quai Sud Cocktail Mix G08358ONE

    Belmont Cocktail Shaker G08353GLD

  3. Have a Movie Night
    We don’t know what’s more gratifying, the smell of freshly popped popcorn or finally getting to sit down to that movie you’ve wanted to see for months. Set the atmosphere with one of our Skandinavisk candles and pull on your favourite pair of Ted Baker socks for a peaceful evening in.

    Ted Baker Socks G07035PPL

No matter how you spend the festive season, look forward to seeing you in-store soon and wish you all a very Merry Christmas!



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