Last minute Xmas shopping!

Hi guys,

Nearly Christmas! Being a student in my first year, my time management skills are still AWFUL! So yes, I have left my Christmas shopping and to-do lists until the last minute!

I was pretty stuck as between lectures, working, essays and voluntary work, I had no time to go looking through the stores, especially at this time of year (its packed!).

I went onto YOOHOPP and typed in a couple of things I was looking for and within seconds there were thousands of products fitting the exact description. I urgently needed a boys Christmas jumper for my 11 year old cousin who has a Christmas jumper day at school and we haven’t been able to find a REAL Christmas jumper anywhere. They have all said ‘#SANTASELFIE’ and I’m a bit too traditional to let him walk around in that. I typed in ‘christmas jumper’ on YOOHOPP and there were hundreds of results. It was nice using YOOHOPP, as you can imagine it would be difficult to get an 11 year old boy to be interested in going round the shops looking for a Christmas jumper.. I don’t think it would have gone down too well. So, I typed it in, we both had a look through and after he chose one (link below), I ordered it to collect and as I ordered it before 9pm that day, it was available to pick up the following day after 12pm! He was very happy with his Christmas jumper and I was very pleased with the speed of finding one as all the Christmas jumpers were in one section on YOOHOPP and it took me straight to the Debenhams page to click and collect. It also seemed that when I was walking around Debenhams after collecting, that there wasn’t as many products in store as there are online, I think I prefer shopping online and collecting as I was able to see all the products available rather than having a limited choice, but still get to see all the in store offers I might of missed whilst collecting.

Best of both worlds without the fuss!

deb_7992178_1445562320 (1)

My nana is a big lover of butterfly fashion scarves, so I decided this would be a perfect Christmas present for her. It was only when I attempted to look for one that I noticed with all the sales on around this time of year, how difficult it would be to find a scarf with small butterfly print. I came home after about half an hour because I am not one for crowds and lines! I came straight onto YOOHOPP again and within seconds had loads of results for butterfly scarves. It was surprising to see how many stores sold these and how many stores I was unaware of in Ipswich. I did the same again and opted for click and collect because of how easy my last experience was.


Overall, a very very positive first use of YOOHOPP.

Merry Christmas!!

Michelle 🙂


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