New Year’s Me!

So the tree is down and the turkey is nowhere to be seen – Christmas is definitely over. Now that the New Year has sneaked up on us it is time to write another list, one far less fun that our lists for Father Christmas, our New Year’s Resolutions! With these resolutions there is usually a reason we wait until January to get started and that’s because these resolutions tend to not be any fun, so this year my resolution is to change the way I think about my resolutions and treat them as challenges, and reward myself appropriately. Below are some of my resolutions and the treats I’m planning on giving myself as a reward, available in Nottingham!

Lose Weight

An obvious one given that over the festive period my middle name might as well have been ‘Cheese and Biscuits’. To help me stick to my goal, I’ve come up with a reward plan that doesn’t involve food.

For every pound I lose I get to treat myself to one thing from my wish list – all £5 or under – and these little treats will make watching what I eat feel like less of a chore!




Bring Lunch to Work

On the same lines as losing weight, I’m a sucker for buying food on the go at work and not really thinking about the money that I spend. Ok, so I’m not going to stop all together (at least not now Taco Bell has opened in Nottingham, am I right?) but aiming to bring in food four times a week will make a huge difference. To incentivise myself, after my first successful week I am going to use the money I saved to buy one of these gorgeous lunch boxes!




Walk to Work

Ok, my original resolution was to go to the gym, but as that is super unlikely I thought it might be

more realistic to just try to just walk more, especially to and from work as this is a double win – more

exercise and less money spent on travel. What this resolution needs though is comfortable, dry

footwear, and as you’ll see below – these boots are made for walking!




As you can tell, my New Year’s Resolutions do not include shopping less! The beauty of all the products above is that I can buy them all online via YOOHOPP and nip out to collect them on my lunch break. I mean, I’m not going to shop less, but I am resolving to shop smarter!


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