Winter Warmers

I don’t know about you, but when it snowed over the weekend it was the first time I felt like winter had finally arrived, and by that I mean it was the first time I was REALLY-TOTALLY-TEETH-CHATTERING-FREEZING-BLINKING-COLD!

I guess we’ve been lucky so far, and I’ve made it until now without feeling the need to don the REALLY warm clothes I keep in a box in the wardrobe which are only worn when absolutely necessary due to the fact they’re seriously toasty but majorly unflattering.

My weather app is telling me it isn’t going to get warmer any time soon, so I’ve been hitting YOOHOPP to find some nice winter warmers to get me through the next few weeks in one (icicle free) piece!


When it comes to keeping my toes warm, nothing makes me feel snugglier than the phrase ‘fur lined’. The boots below are great for insulation, and if you’re current footwear just isn’t cutting it then lay the groundwork with a pair of think, dependable socks.





A staple in all wardrobes should be a waterproof coat. They’re possibly not as glamourous as a trench coat or as on-trend as a duster jacket, but a good waterproof coat will never let you down my top picks below show they definitely don’t have to be boring!





I don’t know about you, but when I was little my mum would NEVER let me leave the house on a cold day without a wooly hat. Despite always being warned I’d ‘catch my death’ without one, I have to admit I often neglect to dig out a hat on chilly mornings (sorry mum). If hat’s aren’t your thing, then why not check out the other options?




All of the above items are available from YOOHOPP to select and collect in Nottingham which means you can definitely try out my top tip for staying warm – buy a magazine and find a cute coffee shop with good hot chocolate and wait for the snow to blow over!


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