Valentine’s Day shopping in Ipswich

Hi guys,

I have been using YOOHOPP to do most of my shopping recently as I haven’t had much time to look around shops.

So, Valentines Day is coming up and all I have seen everywhere is gifts you can buy for someone else. Instead, this Valentine’s day I am going to be treating myself to some lovely gifts. 

From working part time, volunteering and going to university, I have been stuck for time. I thought I would go on YOOHOPP and have a little look around. I was looking for some items that I wouldn’t usually buy…

As I started looking, the things I found were all from different shops, so it is helpful to be able to go into town and head straight for the tills to pick up my order.

I found this dress from Topshop for £24 which I probably wouldn’t have found if I went in store as at the moment all the stores are full of sale items and the winter/ Christmas stock they are trying to clear. I ordered this online to collect as I still find it quite nice to get out and grab a coffee!


I have been looking for some quirky decorations for my room at university as it looks a bit plain. I was looking on YOOHOPP and all the different retailers that sold this kind of thing, and it was quite useful to compare prices of the same items from different retailers. I have now ordered quite a few items to collect including a hanging photo frame from Wilko for £4


 I have also ordered a Catherine Lansfield chunky knit throw for £17.99


I went into town to pick all of these up last week and whilst I was there it was nice to look around in some of the sales as I found some good bargains. I also stopped and had a coffee and bumped in to a few people I know, so I am glad I have started doing click and collect because I can get what I need, get out of the house and still enjoy the atmosphere of town without being bombarded with things I don’t need.


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