Easter in Ipswich

So, Easter is coming up and its going to be a pretty busy time. With my sister working in a nursery, she has volunteered herself and me to make some decorations for the children. As she works full time, I offered to get all the bits. I was looking on YOOHOPP and found loads of Easter decorations like; confetti shapes, feathers and Easter ribbon. YOOHOPP also has little chicks in nests which will be nice for the children to see and put with other things.

Click the images below to locate them on YOOHOPP.

Mega Easter Time Confetti
Mega Assorted Easter Ribbons
Mega Chicks in Basket


Whilst looking through YOOHOPP and just typing in ‘Easter’, we found all of these different things we would be able to use for activities. We found some Easter shaped cutters which are usually used for shaping cookies, but we thought they could be used for making shapes out of play dough.

5 Easter Cookie Cutters


I also found some Easter shaped pasta which could be used to make frames with and other things like Easter cards. These are from Lakeland which is a place where I would never have thought to look so I am really glad I had a look on YOOHOPP otherwise I probably wouldn’t have found them!

Easter Pasta


I found a DIY egg painting set which was just 95p and we’ll get the children to paint an egg each which they can take home. Using a real egg and having to blow out the middle causes even more mess than just painting them so I’m glad I looked on YOOHOPP as I would never have thought to buy fake ones!

Mega Easter Egg Painting Set


Me and my flatmates have also decided to do a ‘Secret Easter Bunny’ game which works similar to ‘Secret Santa’ except you buy an egg for whoever you get! I also thought I would add in some chick earrings that I found for only a pound!

Boxed Chick Stud Earrings

Happy Easter…

Michelle 🙂



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