Southend-On-Sea Film Festival

The Southend-On-Sea film festival is back for another year. You can check out the full schedule here. You have until 4th June to make the most of the Festival Fringe!

The film festival provides the perfect opportunity to enjoy shopping in Southend before you settle down to watch a film. Head to Southend High Street Online to browse the available shops in Southend.

We’ve been keeping an eye on the new styles and trends and have found picked out 5 top must-have street style trends for you. Browse these below and when you’re next in Southend to enjoy the festival, snap up these goods!

  1. Dress to impress. Who’d have thought that wearing a dress over jeans would be allowed?! Well, if you do it well, you’ll be walking around with the most popular style right now. If you don’t believe us, look here.

    Topshop £10.00


Blue inc £10.00

2. Baywatch revival. Yep you’ve read that correctly. Swimwear this summer is back with a blast of red.

River Island £35.00
Sports Direct £6.00

4. Floating around in style. One of our favourite fashion trends catching our eye is wide sleeve statements.


Topshop £32.00
Quiz £9.99


5. Frayed hem jeans are our final must-have street style piece.

Monsoon £49.00


So, if you’ve taken a fancy to any of these styles, visit Southend High Street online to continue your shopping!

We hope to see you during the Film festival period!








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